A Poetry Sporadical of Repeating Forms

Ballade of Inevitable Extinction

by Jerome Betts

Where are the flushed and frantic teens,
      The hormones’ fevered ebbs and flows?
(Fire buckets, water, verbal screens.)
      The girls—good grief!—that parents chose,
      And others—how the mind's’eye glows!—
Who floated inches off the floor?
      (Flout censor’s rulingfish-net hose.)
With dodo, great auk, dinosaur.

Where are the doubtful magazines?
      The female form from head to toes
(Dim lights. Spill simulated beans.)
      In postures aimed to half disclose
      Behinds, aboves, and down belows,
With clefts and crevices galore?
      (Check pressure here, in case it blows.)
With dodo, great auk, dinosaur.

Where are the eyeball-popping queens
      Of X-films like the great Bardot’s?
(Props: G-string, well-packed blouse and jeans.)
      Brigitte, with so much to expose
      Far finer than the best French prose,
Removing most, and, sometimes, more . . .?
      (Cue key-change, envoi, Villon,“snows.”)
With dodo, great auk, dinosaur.


      Prince, not again! The whole world knows
Time’s answer must be, as before,
      (Stand by the curtain ! Down it goes!)
With dodo, great auk, dinosaur.

Jerome Betts lives in Devon, England, and has contributed verse to a wide variety of publications including The Guardian, LightenUp OnLine, Pennine Platform, Poetry Nottingham and Staple.


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