A Poetry Sporadical of Repeating Forms

Summer Ghazal

by Charlotte Mandel

Twilight’s rustle of nestlings at ease in July.
Honeysuckle scents a slow breeze in July.

Parched buds persist in an unkempt greenhouse.
Rainless thunder hums in rootsa garden tease in July.

And milking the goat, do we deprive her kid?
The nursling’s weanedfilter curds for cheese in July.

Eyes closed, chin in hand, what do I dream to acquire?
Sapphire fish-tail, opal breasts, deep emerald seas in July.

Swaying leaves dapple shade as I pour green tea over ice.
All backyard manners of delight are C’s in July.

Charlotte Mandel ’s seventh book of poetry Rock Vein Sky was listed as a best poetry book by Montserrat Review, Fall 2008. Visit her website.


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