A Poetry Sporadical of Repeating Forms


                               . . .  Patience will help
To save, but will not come unless invited
.— E.A. Robinson

by R. Nemo Hill

Though through the fingers of your hand
I flow like water, pour like sand—
Though early be devoured by late,
Yet leave me time enough to wait.

Explode your seedling. Split your bran.
Strip what you weave from naked man.
Let light from darkness separate.
Yet leave me time enough to wait.

I’ll care no more for truth than lies
When I am meat for future flies.
Let patience hollow out from fate
No more, no less, than time to wait.

Reduce the mansions of creation
To one deserted railway station.
Let empty track be my estate,
And leave me there—with time to wait.

R. Nemo Hill is the author of an illustrated novel in collaboration with painter Jeanne Hedstrom, Pilgrim’s Feather (Quantuck Lane Press, 2002), a narrative poem based upon a short story by H.P. Lovecraft, The Strange Music of Erich Zann (Hippocampus Press, 2004); and a chapbook, Prolegomena to an Essay on Satire (Modern Metrics, 2006). Editor of the independent poetry chapbook press, EXOT BOOKS, he has published his poetry, fiction, and photographs in various print and online journals, including Poetry, Smartish Pace, Soundzine, The Flea, and American Arts Quarterly. His travel blog is ELSEWHERE.


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