A Poetry Sporadical of Repeating Forms

Twisted Gothic

by Ivy Rutledge

All that was left was his heart,
Neatly stored in a jar,
With which no suitor could compare.
Mary refused to
Consider to live
Completely without Percy, and

Simply didn’t. Her life and
His mingled on with that heart
She kept. Alive
And dead at once, jarring
The secure circle to
Which she belonged—paring

Her options—no longer part of a pair
Of rebels. Mary and
Young Percy struggled to
Carry on with the heart
And soul of the heart in the jar,
Through which the great poet was alive.

At her mother’s grave they had celebrated life.
This forbidden pair
Found a passionate and jarring
Bond. A meeting of bodies and
Souls and hearts.
But there was another, too,

Whom he was unhappily married to,
A bond not alive
In his heart.
This wedded pair
Ended up as a suicide and
A heart in a jar.

And another two lives ajar
With memories to
Savor and
A life to live.
This pair
And his heart

In a jar, cold and not alive.
She, her own heart pared,
Went on with her life and his heart.

Ivy Rutledge lives and writes in the Piedmont of North Carolina, where she shares her life with her husband and two children. Her work has appeared in The Sun and Home Education, as well as several local and statewide publications.She has a short story forthcoming in the Main Street Rag anthology, Altered States.


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