A Poetry Sporadical of Repeating Forms

The Theme from Shaft  III. History

by Rick Mullin

In a stone astonished week of revelation,
on a road no longer strictly Roman Catholic,
I heard it’s tin-can-true sophistication.

Through the caves of adolescent masturbation
where my Playboy daydreams blew most graphic
and astonishing there came a revelation,

and my worldview went on permanent vacation.
In my father’s Fairlane, driving to Passaic,
I heard it’s tin-can-true sophistication

on the backseat vinyl. Cracked communication
of the baldest, blackest spoken lyric
tonic weakness jacked to revelation

left my Grand Funk Railroad at the station.
High school horns, once loathsome, came on mythic
in their state of tin-can-true sophistication.

And the AM kept this Isaac in rotation
long enough to tribe me to The Classic
in the stone astonished week of revelation
when I heard the tin-can-true sophistication.

Originally published in Aquinas Flinched.

Rick Mullin is a painter and journalist. His chapbook Aquinas Flinched is available from Modern Metrics/EXOT, New York.  Seven Towers (Dublin) publishes his book-length poem, Huncke, in 2010.


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