The Sentient Creature Feature
{A Bumbershoot Special Feature}

Gail White

lives in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, where she is working to make rhyme the dominant style of poetry again.

She edited the anthology Kiss and Part and her book, Easy Marks, is available from Word Tech Press.

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Four Beasties

The Bilby

The bilby is an Aussie beast,
peculiar shaped to say the least.
His nose is long, his ears are tall,
his mother is marsupial,
and (though he doesn't give a hoot)
he's very like a bandicoot.

The Cynogale

While walking down a nature trail,
do not disturb the cynogale.
It lurks in branches over water,
contemplating fish to slaughter.
If a longer life's your wish,
be careful not to smell like fish.

The Jaguarundi

The jaguarundi (otter cat)
is suffering loss of habitat,
and all the ones that I have seen
looked quite intentionally mean.

The Potto

The potto, or the tailless ape,
is soft of fur and round of shape,
and if you bring him up with care
he makes a cuddly teddy bear.