Web Feet
{A Bumbershoot Special Feature}

B.J. Lee

writes for both children and adults and lives with her husband and toy poodles on a barrier island in Florida.

Her poetry credits include The SCBWI Bulletin, Long Story Short, and 3 Lights Quarterly

She is a former academic music librarian who sings jazz and plays classical piano and djembe drums.

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Don’t say I didn’t email.
I answered when you wrote.
I spend my whole life keyboarding,
typing the quick note.

I can’t keep up with emails
I know you think that’s lame.
I shot one off but it bounced back.
Should I take all the blame?

Hey, finally got your e-mail;
it didn’t come in time.
I sometimes shut my system down.
Is that such a crime?

Speaking of computers,
I’d rather do without.
If you need me urgently,
come by the house and shout.