Web Feet
{A Bumbershoot Special Feature}

Margery Hauser

is a New York City resident whose work has appeared in Little Perversities, Poetica Magazine, Umbrella and other journals, both print and online.

She is a former teacher of French and Humanities and a member of the Parkside Poets Writing Workshop.

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The Interpretation of Dreams

The power light pulses bright to dim
inhaling and exhaling
like the slow deep rhythm of a sleeper’s breath.

At first mouseclick the clock still shows the moment
when somnolence overtook sentience
until it shakes itself to full alertness
and registers the present.

Does a sleeping computer dream?
Does it drift, nourished by poems
in the bytes of its hard drive?
Does it relive family gatherings stored in iPhoto albums?
Does it roam foreign lands, speak exotic languages
learned while searching Google and Babelfish?
Does it rock gently to lullabies stored in an iTunes playlist?

Or does it suffer hacker nightmares
distressed by cookies accepted against motherly advice
not to take sweets from strangers?