Children’s Verse
{A Bumbershoot Special Feature}

Stephani Schaefer

is a poet and graphic artist with work in Brevities, Song of the San Joaquin, Lilliput Review and EDGZ, among others.

She was co-editor and provided cover art for the anthology The Heart’s Content and is gathering material for a new anthology to be published by Lost Hills Books.

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Muddle Trouble

If you’re feeling all muddled
     and quite overcome,
and the buzzies keep humming inside,

it might be the WUMPUS  
     has come in the night,
to try on your brain-pan for size.

He doesn’t have one of his own,  
     don’t you see: he
must hunt up some other to use.

So should you wake up all  
     befuddled and stumbly,
no wonder you’re feeling confused.

If you’re late for the bus and you’ve  
     fumbled your buttons,
and now you’re completely undone,

and your parents are rolling their  
     eyes at the ceiling,
remind them the Wumpus has come.

If your homework looks  
     crumpled and jumbly
and your writing has got out of hand,

tell your teacher the Wumpus  
     has borrowed your brain,
and that none of this trouble was planned.

When your parents and teacher  
     are meetingto discuss
how you flunked your exam,

just tell them the Wumpus  
     came quite uninvited
I’m certain that they’ll understand.