Umbrella’s lighter offshoot

Rose Kelleher’s

poetry credits include Able Muse, The Flea, River Styx, and 32 Poems.

Her first book of poems, Bundle o’Tinder, was chosen for the 2007 Anthony Hecht Poetry Prize by Richard Wilbur and is available from Waywiser Press.

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What timing! He’s just pulling off his shirt
as I walk in, his arms still loosely bound
by half-on, half-off sleeves. I’ve always found
it’s best to catch him when he’s least alert;
so, lunging like a Sumo in a skirt,
I tickle-tackle him. A muffled sound
imagine a sack of kittens being drowned—
escapes my husband as he hits the dirt.

Okay, not literally, I meant the bed.
My point is that the man is six feet tall,
and strong, but any time I tickle him,
his ass is grass. He grins, his face turns red,
his shoulders shake, he curls into a ball;
a conqueror who crumbles at my whim.