Umbrella’s lighter offshoot

Jim Price

retired to Wisconsin over a year ago, after a 30-year career in human services. Most of that career was spent in Minnesota in various counseling and director positions.

He has written a lot of poetry over the years. Beginning last January he decided to try and share his poems publically. He has been published in Verse Wisconsin and Echoes. He can be a serious guy but editors seem to prefer his humor.

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Much Ado About The Outhouse

That time of day thou may in me behold
When nature calls, for me, and I do sit
Upon those seats which flush against the cold
Bare bottomed choirs, where late the tune doth fit.
In here I see the crescent moon in day
Like after sunset fadeth in the west,
As time within this dark doth take away;
Food’s recycled self that keeps me here in rest.
In here I know the smelling of such fire
That on the ashes of this throne doth rise,
While sink, doth I, as if into the mire,
Consumed by that which doth attract more flies.
        I know this poem, a writ out of a pit,
        Is full of bull, the sit that’s versed with wit.