A Poetry Syllabus
{An Umbrella Special Feature}

Eric Halliwell

has spent many years as student, carpenter, flunked-out nursing student, and then a first grade school teacher.

Through a tragic romantic misadventure he ended up in Guatemala where he lives on Lake Atitlan, writing poetry. It keeps him off the streets, or, rather, since there are no streets where he lives, off a dirt trail above the lake.

His poetry has appeared in Gentle Reader, Penwood Review, Ascent Aspirations, and Word Catalyst.

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Like Picasso, Who Never Had to Pay for Anything

Einstein thought things
were pretty mysterious.
And that, he said,
made him “religious.”

You can’t handle coal without
getting your hands black,
so I guess he couldn’t handle the universe
without the dust of its numen
sticking to him.

Because it’s a pretty big place.

If it isn’t distance, it’s time.
Think about the Jurassic, if you will.

I mean actually seeing dinosaurs
whose genes and digestive juices
were just like ours,
only in a different pattern.

But the style of the Artist is instantly recognizable.

God I think, is like Picasso,
who never had to pay for anything.
He would just write a check
which never got cashed.

It was far more valuable as a collector’s item.