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Queenie lives in Georgia with Elizabeth Bishop, whose previous credits include The Muse Marquee, Spotlight On Recovery, microhorror.com and Metrofamily Magazine.

Feed Me

by Queenie

Sometimes my human has her priorities messed up. Doesn’t she see me? It’s time to feed me!

I press myself against her leg, and all I get is a hand down my back?! Wonder if I need to jump to that counter? Where is she going now?

No, don’t feed the little human! He will give almost everything to the dog anyway. It’s bad enough that little guy disturbs my sleep; now he’s being fed before me! Meow, I say, as she walks by once more, since that seems to be the only word humans understand.

No, don’t give food to the dog!. Garbage disposal fur-ball! Look at him sitting there waiting to eat anything that falls on the floor. How unseemly!

Are you hungry, Miss Queen? my human finally asks.

Meow, I respond. Finally! Some recognition.

I hear the loud noise of my food being opened. Screek, pop. Hurry up! Feed me! I rub against my human, purring as I entwine my tail around her. O no! Where is she going now? The tiny humans need nothing! Come back here! Feed me!

Meow! I’m howling it now, Meow! Meow!

Sorry, Queenie. Here you go, she says as she places a bowl of delectable delicacies before me. O yum, slurp, gulp, gorge, yum yum yum!

Now I’d better go remind my human to change my litter. Meow!