Umbrella’s lighter offshoot

R. S. Gwynn
Jerry Glenn Hartwig
Susan McLean
Joyce Nower
Patricia Sims
Gail White

Double Dactyl Mingle-Mangle

by various authors

Postally costally
Ella Fitzgerald licks
any newcomer now
she’s on a stamp.

Rodgers and Hart can write
Square though she may be, the
lady’s no tramp.


Hooray for Diversity!

“Higamus Hagamus,
Prophet Tereisias,
How do you switch from a
her to a him?”

stir my acuities—
meaning think outward in-
stead of think in.” 

Persona Non Grata

Gaius Caligula
bedded his sisters and
claimed to be God.

In an imperial
this was considered a
little too odd.


Issur Danielovich
Demsky would not fit on
Any marquee.

But as Kirk Douglas, the
He flew to stardom. Our
Spartacus, he!


Higgledy piggledy
Emily Dickinson
Hadn't the gumption to
Publish her stuff

After her mentor, one
T. Wentworth Higginson,
Bellowed, “Enough!”


Skywatching skybotching
poor little Pluto’s been
recatalogued to the
planet’ry skids.

Maybe it’s all down to
dollars—new orreries
for all our kids.


Back-Up Plan

innocent Margaret,
finding Faust’s blandishments
hard to deter,

told Mephistopheles
“Get thee behind me.” “Well,
if you prefer.”

An Equation of Beauty

Floppily, moppily
old Albert Einstein had
frizzy white hair like a
janitor's mop.

He proved mathematically
beauty’s inside our heads,
not on the top.