Umbrella’s lighter offshoot


Other Side of the Coin

by Mary E. Moore


Famously, dameously
Susan B. Anthony—
suffrage for womankind
stirring her blood—

fought for a lifetime and
earned approbation. Her
dollar? A dud.


Translator, landslator,
Native American:
Sacagawea, with
Lewis and Clark.

glittery-gold her coin,
unlike its namesake just
missing the mark.


Fifty-cents, nifty-cents:
President Kennedy’s
profile on currency—
good from the go.

Probably, people thought
of his prestige, not of
temptress Monroe.


Mary E. Moore, Ph.D., M.D. began her career as an experimental psychologist. After working in a hospital, she decided to attend medical school. Subsequently, she became a rheumatologist, combining teaching, research and clinical practice. Since retiring from medicine, she has been writing poetry. Her work is primarily rhymed verse in traditional forms. It has appeared or is forthcoming in Möbius, Raintown Review, The Mid-America Poetry Review and several other journals and anthologies. She was The HyperTexts’ Spotlight Poet of the month for February, 2007.