Umbrella’s lighter offshoot


Rush Hour Sonondilla

by Catherine Chandler

I celebrate the great sardine
and count the ways I love it: dried,
in cans, smoked, salted, deep-fat fried,
filleted in soup and fish terrine.
I love its pre-cooked beauties, too—
its sleek and shiny silver skin,
its single tiny dorsal fin—
before it hits the barbecue.
Young herring, swimming in the sea,
awash in your omega-3,
soon you shall pay a hefty price
and end up on a bed of rice.
For now, take heart in that you're free,
not packed inside this train, like me.

Catherine Chandler
studied modern languages as an undergraduate and holds an M.A. in Education from McGill University, where she teaches Spanish in the Department of Translation Studies. She also manages a government-sponsored project in the Faculty of Arts. Her poems and translations have been published or are forthcoming in SPSM&H (Amelia), The LyricBlue Unicorn, and other journals and anthologies. She was born in New York, raised in Pennsylvania, and now lives in St. Lazare, a rural town in Quebec, Canada.