How Divine
{An Umbrella Special Feature}

Chris O’Carroll

is a writer, actor, and comedian. His poems have appeared in Avatar Review, The Barefoot Muse, Folly, Iambs & Trochees, The Raintown Review, and other print and online journals.

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Monotheism Blues

Oh, I got the monotheism blues,
Them blues is on my mind.
Yes, I got the Judaism/Christianity/Islam blues,
Them blues won’t let go my mind.
Been readin’ scriptures writ in blood
For a long, long, long, long time.

Abraham done started somethin’,
Started somethin’ many years ago.
Yes, Father Abraham he started somethin’,
Started it so many years ago.
He said one God is all there is,
Leastways one is all we need to know.

’Fore long there’s some mighty tribes
Worshipin’ the God of Abraham.
Yes, the world soon sees some mighty tribes
Worshipin’ that one God of Abraham,
And killin’ them as worships any others
All ’round that Holy Land.

’Long come Jesus,
Pretty soon one God equals three.
Yes, ’long come a Jew named Jesus,
Now God’s still one, but also three.
Don’t ask me to explain it,
Trinity’s a mystery to me.

The followers of Jesus
Start in spillin’ the blood of Abraham.
Yes, the folks that follow Jesus
Say we got to kill the sons of Abraham
If we truly want to serve
That one God incarnate as a man.

Next up, Muhammad,
Filled with the one God’s word.
Yes, next we see the prophet Muhammad
Overflowin’ with that one God’s word,
Sayin’ listen up you Jews and Christians,
I hear the same voice your prophets heard.

Muslims join the killin’ spree,
Get into it like Christians and like Jews.
Yes, Muslims got that knack for killin’
Same as the Christians and the Jews.
They say God is merciful, compassionate,
And mighty, mighty fond of bloodshed, too.

Now, some folks say there’s a lotta Gods,
Some folks say ain’t none.
Yes, some believe in a whole lotta Gods,
Some don’t believe in none.
Them folks done their share of killin’
Just like them as believes in only one.

I got no inside information
’Bout whatever Gods may be.
No, I got me no special knowledge,
Can’t tell you how many Gods may be.
But ain’t none told me I should kill you,
Hope none done told you to kill me.