How Divine
{An Umbrella Special Feature}

Christi Krug

is the author of two books for preschoolers and has been a frequent contributor to Writer’s Digest. Her fiction, poetry and essays have appeared or are forthcoming in a variety of publications, including Insight, the Fossil, and Halfway Down the Stairs.

Second to writing, she loves coaching new writers and facilitating workshops in Vancouver, Washington.


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Dogs and Gods

Here I am, hurrying along my self.
There’s a dog at my heels and I can’t stop for it.

I have strip malls to pass through,
Parking meters to crank, children’s teeth to straighten.
I have places to go.

I am wanting everything, all of it, now.
Careful to save the receipt.
Store policy: thirty days, with no signs of wear.

I am withering in the winds of passing cars.
Miles below me, a godbeast noses scents and sidetrails,
Padding along to green and quiet wondering.

I am the wrong dog.

Drop to the low places,
Hold high my doghead.
Be furred and close to earth.
Listen to the right God of good dogs.

Let the two-legged animal hold its own chain.