How Divine
{An Umbrella Special Feature}

Laura Heidy-Halberstein

is a former Midwestern medic who recently relocated to the metropolitan D.C. area . She is the mother of three grown children and she recently pleased and placated them all by marrying her long-time friend and mentor, Dan Halberstein. She currently works in a private physician’s office in Alexandria, Va..

Laura’s had poetry published in Verse Daily, Raintown Review, Pebble Lake Review, The Barefoot Muse, and Fourteen Magazine (U.K.), as well as in various other magazines and anthologies.

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You could be God— had Eve not bitten through
the core, and loosed the serpent sleeping there.
She left her mark—a jagged scar in lieu

of faith. You could be God—condemned to wear
humanity sans dignity and pride.
Your lunacy could be the cross you bear.

You could be God—salvation locked inside
temporal walls. The prophets knew, they knew
your name. Your name remains unspoken—bide

your time. You could be God—conceding to
an ancient curse, conceived in shame. The sin
itself is preordained. You rise anew.

You could be God beneath your skin.
God could be You.

Originally published in Yellow Bat Press