A Journal of Poetry and Kindred Prose

E. Kristin Anderson

grew up in Westbrook and moved to the Big Apple in 2006 where she worked for the New Yorker Magazine; in 2008 she starts a new adventure in Texas.

Emily holds a BA in Classical Studies from Connecticut College and her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Mimesis, iota, Etchings, Fourteen Hills, and fuselit.

She lives in Austin, TX with her boyfriend, Mark, and a few cats. She really likes the smell of old Latin texts.

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I Prefer to Ride the Elevator Alone

I prefer to ride the elevator alone,
to suffer its lurches in silence
grasping the back rail
only if a prayer approaches.

I let my eyes sink shut
as shaky cars rise to floors
whose cameras foretell
each arrival;

it’s not claustrophobia.
None of me can leak between cracks
in the doors. This is surrender;
joined by a stranger, I’ll tuck myself

into a corner

and watch as he pushes
the door-close button over and over
as if we were in control
of anything at all.