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Orange Hunger

by James F. Gaines

There is an ever famished cat:
His name is Bob the Blob.
His mistress speeds to feed him and
He really is a slob.

While some cats will discreetly snack,
He wolfs it by the glob.
He barely tastes the finest bits.
Pigging outs his job.

On emptying his own cat bowl,
He sets about to rob
the scroungy little puppy’s dish.
He never was a snob!

His bodys an enormous mass,
His hunger pangs are throbs.
A gluttons tummy's bottomless;
That's small compared to Bobs.

James F. Gaines is a bilingual writer who teaches at the University of Mary Washington in Virginia. Some of his work has recently appeared in Laurels, Bay State Echo, and Riverside Reflections. He is currently translating Apollinaire's bestiary poems, Cortege d'Orphee.