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Mixed Blessing

by Jan D. Hodge

The fruits of modern science speak
to all our hopes and fears.
Cassandra bore a child last week—
and she’s seen eighty years!

Her kids and grandkids came to meet
their sis—or aunt—Marie,
this precious, unexpected, sweet
gift to the family.

Proud mama met them with a smile,
of course, but did allow
as how they’d have to wait awhile,
“because she’s sleeping now.”

They sat and chatted over tea
till it was nearly noon,
then asked again to see Marie.
“Not yet, but pretty soon.”

Another hour crawled by, then two.
"Oh dear, I apologize,"
said mama nervously, "but you
must wait until she cries."

Looking at her, they wondered, "Why?"
"Because"—the trace of a frown
appeared on mama's forehead—"I . . .
forgot where I put her down."

Jan D. Hodge grew up in a letterpress print shop in small town Michigan, was educated at the Universities of Michigan (B.A., M.A.) and New Mexico (Ph.D.; dissertation on Dickens), and taught for 32 years at colleges in Illinois and Iowa before retiring. His poems have appeared in North American Review, New Orleans Review, Iambs & Trochees, South Coast Poetry Journal, Western Wind, and elsewhere.