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Sunday Devotion

by Robert Schechter

As Jack approached the sixteenth green to putt,
he saw a limousine beyond the fence.
He stopped, laid down his club, removed his hat,
assumed a pose of purest reverence,
and stood in silence as a hearse rolled by,
trailed by long black cars with headlights lit
despite the daylight. Jack let out a sigh,
bowed his head, and softly wept a bit.

His comrades in the foursome were impressed.
“We never knew how sensitive you are!
Oh what a pious man! Who would have guessed
you cared for anything but breaking par?”

Said Jack: “How could you think I’d shed no tears?
That woman was my wife for forty years.”

Robert Schechter has had poems and translations published in Light Quarterly, Anon, Evansville Review, Poetry East, among other journals.