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Two Southern Belles

by Gail White

Two southern belles on a veranda:
The first one says, “Darlin’, you see
that cute little hot pink Mercedes?
My sweet husband bought that for me.”

“How nice,” says the first young lady,
voice dripping magnolias and dew.
Her friend says, “You see that prize racehorse?
The darlin’ man gave me that too.”

“How nice.” “And you’ve probably noticed
this diamond and sapphire ring?
The sweet man remembered my birthday
and got me this beautiful thing.”

“How nice.” “But on your birthday, darlin’,
just what did your sweet husband do?”
“He sent me to charm school. They taught me
to say “How nice” instead of “Fuck you.”

Gail White hangs out in the formalist poetry scene. Her latest chapbook is Ignoble Truths from Scienter Press and she has edited the light-verse anthology Kiss and Part (http://www.ddaze.com). She lives in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, where she studies the psychology of her cats, Pushkin and Muffin.