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Advice to a Younger Brother

by Cat Dubie

Advice to a Younger Brother


Don’t leave your window open wide
lest in your room winged creatures glide.
Mosquito, horsefly, vampire bat,
they’ll suck your blood out, count on that!

And if you leave your door ajar
cold crawlers come from near and far.
Six snakes will slither on your bed,
wet snails and slugs will slime your head.

Then, if you should turn out your light
wild animals that feed at night,
mad panthers, wolves, and lions too,
they all will make a meal of you.


If you don’t eat your turnip hash
you’ll break out in a painful rash.
If Brussels sprouts stay in your dish
you’ll grow fins just like a fish.

If carrot juice should stay undrunk
you'll start to smell just like a skunk.
For spinach close your eyes and eat
unless you want warts on your feet.

Some good advice now, little dude:
you must eat green and orange food
to grow up straight just like a tree,
and really smart, why, just like me!

Cat Dubie lives on the beautiful west coast of British Columbia. A lover of the written word in all its forms, she writes poetry, short stories, novels, essays, reviews, blogs... Visit her website.