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La Chanson Des Baguettes

by Antonia Clark

I went to France for les baguettes,
those fragrant, crusty loaves of bread,
to eat my fill without regret.

I knew, in Paris, I would get
le meilleur pain and I would spread
butter and jam on les baguettes.

I searched boulangeries to whet
my appetite. I’d heard it said,
en France, one eats without regret.

And that is how, one day, I met
a lusty baker who turned my head
with promises of les baguettes.

And after a brief tête-à-tête,
he led me to his soft French bed
where we devoured without regret.

Ah, mes amis, you know I let
him love me well, leave me well fed.
I went to France for les baguettes
and learned to live without regret.


Antonia Clark is a medical writer for a medical software company in Burlington, Vermont. She has previously published short stories and essays, and has taught creative writing in community college and adult education programs; currently she is co-administrator of an online poetry forum, The Waters. Her poems have appeared, or are forthcoming, in The Pedestal Magazine, kaleidowhirl, Rattle, Stirring and Tipton Poetry Journal.