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To the Porn Spammers

by Maryann Corbett

(That They May Consider Other Options)

Of course you’re bored. I know. I sympathize.
It’s got to be depressing, writing dreck.
That's clearly all that sells, so if you’re wise
you'll find some motive other than a check.

Try sonnets. They don't have to feature sex,
that sleazy vanity you've always puffed.
They don't shout SEXY BABES or GREAT EREX
or cram your e-mail folder till it’s stuffed.

They needn’t sell, and so they never need
fake boobs or six-pack abs to make their case.
They’re independent of our lust and greed,
high-minded and G-rated, in good taste.

Forget the need to peddle fetid trash!
Publish your sonnets! (Here’s where I take your cash.)

Maryann Corbett’s poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Measure, The Lyric, Alabama Literary Review, The Barefoot Muse, First Things, Mezzo Cammin, The Raintown Review and other journals in print and online. She is a recent Pushcart nominee and serves as a moderator on the Eratosphere online poetry forum. She lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, and works as a legal-writing adviser, editor, and indexer for the Minnesota Legislature.