The Sentient Creature Feature
{A Bumbershoot Special Feature}

Edmund Conti

is a Brown man born, a Brown man bred and when he dies he’ll be a Brown man dead but he wishes they would stop asking him for money. They have more than he does.

In spite of his Ivy League education, Edmund has been a featured poet in Light Quarterly and won the Willard Espy Foundation Prize for Light Verse in 2001. (Note to Brown: I have since spent all that $1000.)

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Animated Shorts

Though Webster’s first
(except for A-1)
Unhappy is the aardvark.
He has a thirst
(he is a fey one)
To walk along the baardvark.

How happy is our friend the otter
When gazing on the winter view.
He hates it when the weather’s hotter.
(Ugh, swimming in a steaming stew!)

Whether African or Indian
Whenever it gets windy in
The zoo,
You’re going to be a bit chagrined
If either elephant’s upwind
Of you.

Anti-termite, he—
The anteater might be.
So please befriend this lick-nik.
Invite him to your picnic.

Is the chipmunk.
Who’s a hip Monk

Slothful is the two-toed sloth.
Action he has vetoed.
He does not cut much of a swath—
Less even than the three-toed.