From the Editor’s Desk
  Kate Bernadette Benedict

The Bumbershoot Annual

It’s back, meatier than ever and this time featuring a collection of children’s verse by Richard Wilbur, a distinguished guest indeed.  Special thanks to Timothy Murphy and Robert Schechter, this issue’s guest editor, for approaching Mr. Wilbur on our behalf. 

Submissions for the ’shoot all but rained in.  I have never seen so many poems by or about animals and was quite puzzled ’til a friend pointed out that Duotrope Digest, the resource site for online journals, had listed our call for the animal theme and no other theme.  I wonder what would happen if they listed our call for monetary contributions!?

Do you have ideas for next year’s Bumbershoot annual?  Then sometime between now and early 2010, please write to us at umbrellajournal at gmail dot com!

Cover Art

The comical fellow gracing Bumbershoot’s cover is by Steve Cartwright, who offers an equally comical introduction to his life and work:  It’s well known that an artist becomes more popular by dying, so I’m typing this with one hand while pummeling my head with a frozen mackerel with the other. I’ve done art for several magazines, newspapers, websites, commercial and governmental clients, books, and scribblingbut mostly droolingon tavern napkins. I also create art pro bono for several animal rescue groups. I was awarded the 2004 James Award for my cover art for Champagne Shivers. I recently illustrated the Cimarron Review and Stories for Children covers. Take a gander ( or a goose ) at my online gallery. And please hurry with your responsethis mackerel’s killin’ me!

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