Children’s Verse
{A Bumbershoot Special Feature}


Gilda A. Herrera

is a fiction writer based in Texas. She worked as a reporter for newspapers for many years.

Her short fiction has appeared in Stories for Children Magazine.

She has two novels in print: Four Dogs with a Bone (suspense) and The Trip of the Eight Escapades (romantic fantasy).

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A Boy’s Dream

In science I’ve been taught
of shuttles and astronauts.
But I’d rather take a trip
In a rollicking rocket ship.

I scan the skies at night
hoping I just might
see UFO’s that whirl,
with lights that flash and twirl.

What fun to someday meet
I’d not be scared to greet
a purple, puckered alien
or a scaly, green reptilian.

But what I want the most?
No spooky-looking host!
Let my spaceman be
a boy who’s eight like me.

We’ll zoom around together,
best of friends forever.
We’ll probe the moons of Mars
and discover new stars.