Umbrella’s lighter offshoot

Robert Schechter

curated the Riddles feature for this issue of Bumbershoot.

He has had poems and translations published in Light Quarterly, Anon, Evansville Review, and Poetry East, among other journals.

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I’m Igserious

If “ignoble” means “not noble,”
     it seems to me that “ig”
should make all words their opposites.
     You’re “small”? No, you’re igbig!

For “empty,” why not say igfull?
     For “dark,” why not iglight?
For “ugly,” try igbeautiful,
     for “left,” why not igright?

I am not “dirty”! I’m igclean!
     “Embarrassed”? No, igproud!
When I am hidden, I’m igseen.
     When quiet, I’m igloud!

Someday when I have igshrunk up
     (make that igshrunk igdown!)
I’ll be igpoor and igunknown
     (the thought makes me igfrown).

The world will igignore me then,
     since igno one will dig
the fun I’ve igdeprived them of
     iglearning them to ig!