Umbrella’s lighter offshoot

Mary Cresswell

is a science editor from Los Angeles and lives on the Kapiti coast of New Zealand.

Nearest and Dearest, her book of satiric verse, is being published by Steele Roberts (Wellington) in 2009.

Her book Trace Fossils was first runner-up for the University of Otago’s Kathleen Grattan Award and is being considered for publication by the university press.

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Lab Note

Oh, squamous were the platelets
on revaccination day
while the squalid plastorhexis
extruded DNA.

The semilithic surface
of the squarrose algal bloom
invested all the vacuoles
in the plant dissection room,

but with operculum atremble
and protruding pedipalp
pseudopectinate preemptors
cut the carapace in half.

So the copepodal furca
revacillated zoospores
and restored squamosity.