Umbrella’s lighter offshoot

Carol Lynn Grellas

is the author of two chapbooks: Litany of Finger Prayers from Pudding House Press and Object of Desire, newly released from Finishing Line Press.

She is widely published in magazines and online journals including, most recently, The Smoking Poet, Oak Bend Review and Flutter, with work upcoming in decomP and Poetry Midwest, among others.

She lives with her husband, five children and a blind dog named Ginger.

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Will Work for Ants

No matter that the wingowhat
is larger than the wingowheat,
’tis harder to make jumblejat
or something close to what they’ll eat.

And muchomore the puddlepumps
are breeding grounds for lollidoors
yet pompouspomps those wingowhats
get fussyfaced refusing chores.

But still I’ve tried to make things clear,
to tell them nicely, Clean your rooms
which causes every megamouse
to scurry from the sound of brooms.

The tebbortoppers help sometimes
but wingowhats, like wingowheats,
prefer to leave the work to me
and so I’m greedy when I eats.

Perchance a diet made from ants
could lure them if I added salt.
The tebbortoppers seem quite pleased.
I tell the ants it’s not my fault.