{A Bumbershoot Special Feature}

Juleigh Howard-Hobson

has published work in many places, including Soundzine, 14 by 14, and Candelabrum as well as Umbrella and Bumbershoot.

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Dicotyledones Riddle

Shadowed in the cold, we roll in slumber.
No roots to stake ourselves to frozen ground.
No stalks to bind against a chilly wind.
We are free, yet part and parcel: umber
Are we, wood sprung but not wooden. Around,
Above, beside us lie our dusky kin.
We come from many family trees. No skin,
No eyes, no hair, reveal our ancient stocks:
Our insides know exactly what we are.
Some outsides have a gloss, and some have none:
Some grew dull, some never shone at all. Rocks,
And stems loom strangely high; we started far
Taller than we are now. We fell, all done,
Not begun. We’ve two names, can you say one?