{A Bumbershoot Special Feature}

Max Gutmann

has ties to San Francisco, Milwaukee, and Budapest.

He has contributed to The Formalist, Light Quarterly, Cricket, and a number of magazines with “Review” in their titles.

He is the author of There Was a Young Girl From Verona: A Limerick Cycle Based on the Complete Dramatic Works of Shakespeare.

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Four Riddles

What many people carry
From the time that they are small,
But if they do not marry
Never really have at all.

With just one corner (when it's small
Not even that, but none at all),
There's one of them in every hole,
In every glass, and lap, and bowl.

It’s spoken of without much love,
Most often with a sigh.
One never hears it shed its tears.
(It hasn’t any eye.)

We may ask, “Does this even exist?”
(If we’re on it, we’ll likely think, “No.”)
If it does, then it’s there to assist
Us to get where we're told we should go.