Umbrella’s lighter offshoot

John Byrne

writes short stories, formal verse and puppet plays in Albany, Oregon. 

Some of his other poems have appeared in recent editions of The Lyric and Centrifugal Eye.

His most recent noteworthy accomplishment was encouraging a third grader in his daughter’s school to write poems, one of which then won an award from the Oregon State Poetry Association.

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The text I want you all to meditate
Is Matthew nineteen-six, deceptively
Simple, famousin which Jesus mandates
That those God’s joined as one be left that way.

Simple, until you see He puts no prayers,
No priest, no wine, no partying before
The leaving home and cleaving to. So where’s
The joining coming from? We all, I’m sure,

Have felt the lightning bolt of sudden love
When lover first appears. We’ve felt our hearts
Explode. Is this not power from above
To fuse as one, two hitherto apart?

And so, if Adam’s struck when Steve is near,
The Good Book says we mustn’t interfere.