{An Umbrella Special Feature}

Chris O’Carroll

is both a poet and an actor, who has performed at theaters, comedy clubs, and poetry reading venues in more than half the fifty states.

Among his poetry credits are BigCityLit, 14 by 14, Light Quarterly and many other journals, including the three published by Umbrella Publishing Group.

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For the Moment

Any claim that you will live forever
Because I write a poem about our love
Would be absurd. My verse is not that clever.
But in this mortal substance we’re made of
I find enough of immortality
To last a lifetime. My words can’t bestow
On you the gift your body gives to me
Each moment your embrace lets me let go
Of everything that makes the moment less
Than infinite, and, letting go, lay hold
Of that landscape of everlastingness
Your touch makes palpable as you unfold
       What flesh and soul conspire to allow—
      We live forever now, and now, and now.


[Originally published in Iambs & Trochees.]