Umbrella’s lighter offshoot


by Peter Bloxsom

Apartment, three rooms, hated, gas, must see.
Sewing machine? While oiling your Janome,
We can adjust the tension in your home.
Ear piercing—get an extra pair for free.

Stock up and save (strict one-per-person limit).
See our used cars soon—they’ll never last.
Have your home exterminated fast.
Two pairs gents’ finest linen slacks, will split.

Impatient? Stamp for details of our course.
Get handmade presents for the hard-to-find.
Three healthy budgerigars, sex undermined.
Antique-style desk, suit lady with large drawers.

Get rid of aunts with Zap: we’ll show you how!
Illiterate? I'll help you. Write in now!

Peter Bloxsom is an Australian freelance writer and web developer. He has written several published books (fiction, management, and technical) as well as articles, stories, humor, reviews, and puzzles. He only occasionally submits verse, but can recall being published in The Susquehanna Quarterly and, in 2005, winning Second Prize in the Iambs & Trochees metrical poetry competition. Peter lives in Brisbane’s bayside area with his wife and teenage son.