Umbrella’s lighter offshoot


by Henry Quince

There’s lower case and UPPER CASE and Title Case,
and now, thanks to computer geekery, there’s camelCase,
a momentumGathering compoundWordmaking languageFashion
with which at last we can outdo the Germans with a passion.
It finally lies within the power of English to trump
those cumbrous Teutonic compounds lacking a helpful hump,
to outdo their Lebensversicherungsgesellschaft—
which frankly is flatOut foreignerBaffling daft—
with the compactly bactrian lifeInsuranceCompany.
While that has two humps and dromedaryCase has one hump, any
number of humps may occur in a camelCase word,
even if you find an invalidRailwayPensionersBenevolentFund absurd.

Henry Quince has been an academic, jazz pianist, editor, copywriter, and voiceover man. He’s moved around, but now lives in Australia, near Brisbane. He’s had the odd poem or two published in The Susquehanna Quarterly, Modern Haiku, and Folly.