Winter for a Moment Takes the Mind
{An Umbrella Special Feature}

Carol Levin’s

chapbook Sea Lions Sing Scat was released in June from Finishing Line Press and Red Rooms and Others is pending from Pecan Grove Press. Her poems have been published in The Massachusetts Review, Third Coast, The Seattle Review, The Cortland Review, and Seattle Woman magazine. 

Other publications include a coffee table book, Kalakala: Magnificent Vision Recaptured by Steven Russell.  Her poems have been set as a choral work by composer Carol Sams and performed by four different choirs from 2000-2006.

She collaborated with two Russians in translating Anton Chekhov’s four major plays, now being offered in a manuscript The Three Sisters and Three More, Plays by Anton Chekhov. They also wrote a dictionary of Stanislavski terms for theater artists.

Carol teaches the Alexander Technique in Seattle.


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Alaska Counts

I wriggle into blue bikini panties, warm
thermal underwear, 1 pr. cotton socks under
1 pr. wool, wool undershirt under a turtle neck
under 2 wool sweaters, jeans and a lambs wool vest
under a down parka. Gloves with special liners,
green hat with ear flaps and insulated fur lined boots.
16 articles of clothing to walk two blocks

to the 6:00 A.M. special at Gold Nugget Joe’s.
Order orange juice, sourdough pancakes, reindeer sausage,
2 over-easy, hashbrowns, thumb-thick toast
and coffee with clout to fortify myself to watch
the 25th start of the Iditerad Dog Sled Race.

Across the state from Mt McKinley’s 20,320 feet,
10,000 people watch 848 husky dogs hauling
53 sleds. It’s 26 degrees Fahrenheit below zero
as they begin their race across 1,049 miles of trail.

I stand for 4 hours, curl
my freezing toes, blow steam trails
into sunshine counting each competitor
flash forward
like a pumping heart.

He or she, advances across a plain:
end-of-the-world white,
1 dot