A Journal of Poetry and Kindred Prose

Kathleen Kirk

is the author of three poetry chapbooks and the poetry editor for Escape Into Life.

Her work appears in a variety of print and online journals, including Blood Lotus, blossombones, Blue Five Notebook, Eclectica, and Poems & Plays.

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Bleach Album

In the bleach album, every face is drawn,
blank, bleached, wan.

In a line above the hewn log railing,
so many moons.
Helium balloons descending a staircase.

In those two Adirondack chairs,
two paper dolls.

Under the house on stilts,
stretched out on purple striped towels,
waterlogged bodies.

It’s not that we are overexposed.
It’s that we are invisible to one another.



Grasshopper and the Ant

I’m crawling backwards
into the fable of childhood.

I can’t make my way across the floor
to the toy in full sight.

There are pictures of me singing,
riding a steel-sprung horse

back and forth into forever
while my mother hangs laundry in the back yard,

both of us working so hard
to get nowhere.

Here is a photograph,
of me in a sundress at one and a half

paying attention to what’s near at hand
but out of the picture, as I stand

on Florida scrub grass. Maybe it’s a grasshopper.
We aren’t one thing or another.