A Poetry Sporadical of Repeating Forms

Ending in R

ghazal for Clara

by Judith Terzi

Taker of years, postpone her hour, her ending in R.
Deter your gnaw, your rattle, her dour ending in R.

Spar with the moon, a planet, rather, no holds to bar.
Traitor, peddler of luck, unsow her sour ending in R.

Mirror of ice, X-acto the cells that tether, that plunder.
Uncover the sortilege of jasmine’s power ending in R.

Cantilever your plump thigh like a cancan dancer.
Hear the canary perched on a finger tower ending in R.

Server of time, now serve her vigor, then lavender.
Serve her kir. Jeer the cancer, devourer ending in R.

Poacher of hearts, trader of vows, tsar of this hour,
clear her, then hold herluminous flower ending in R.

Judith Terzi is the author of two chapbooks, The Road to Oxnard (Pudding House contest finalist, 2010) and Sharing Tabouli (Finishing Line, 2011).   Her poems have garnered prizes from Alehouse Press, Atlanta Review, and Mad Hatters’ Review.  She taught high school French for twenty-five years in Southern California where she still lives.


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