The Bumbershoot Archive


Issue 6, Summer 2010


Bumbershoot 2010: Editor’s Preface

Poetical Mathematicals: Poems by J. Patrick Lewis

William Carlos Williams’s Pizza   J. Patrick Lewis
Robert Frost’s Boxer Shorts   J. Patrick Lewis
Edward Lear’s Elephant With Hot Dog   J. Patrick Lewis
Emily Dickinson’s Telephone Book   J. Patrick Lewis
Edgar Allan Poe’s Apple Pie   J. Patrick Lewis
About the Author  

Orsorum Light

Achilles  by Rose Kelleher
Size Four  by Wendy Sloan
Mutual Appraisal  by Michael Cantor
Cruciferous  by Caleb Powell
Toilet Triolet  by C.B. Anderson
At the FigLoaf Writers Conference  by Allen Tice

Web Feet: Internet Poems

Online Ode  by Chris O’Carroll
On the New Media  by Anna Evans
Facebook Psycho  by Melissa Balmain
The Creeping Unknown  by Richard Stevenson
Emily Dickinson Online - 2 Poems  by Barbara Crooker
Incommunicado  by B. J. Lee
Licinius  by Laura Hershey
The Intepretation of Dreams  by Margery Hauser
Freecycle  by Scot Slaby
Microsoft!® what light through yonder Windows® breaks?  by Mary Cresswell

Seriously Funny

Pantoum for TMZ  by Michael Angrosino
This is Just a Quiz  by Midge Goldberg
Obligatory  by LaDonna English
Mid-Life Limericks  by Stephen Scaer
Washington Memoir  by J.D. Smith
President Clinton Speaks to the Conference of Clergy  by James Toupin
Talkin’ Those 2008 Financial Crisis Blues  by Wendy Sloan


All the Mold Can Stay  by Laura Garrison
Sylvia Plath’s Chicken Crosses The Road  by Jennifer Reeser
Arrgh Poetica MMX  by Esther Greenleaf Murer
Oh, Bod  by Melissa Balmain
Banquet’s Ghost  by Margery Hauser
I, Dog of Hamlet  by Paul-John Ramos
Much Ado About The Outhouse  by Jim Price

Word Play

Beyond the Pale  by Mary Cresswell
Plot with Epilog  by Esther Greenleaf Murer

Children’s Verse

Shadow Boxing  by Richard Stevenson
The Dreadful Galorkum  by Stephani Schaefer
Muddle Trouble  by Stephani Schaefer
My Furry Feet  by John Whitworth

The Sentient Creature Feature

Ode to a Pigeon  by Laura Garrison
Man and Dog in Park  by Peter Swanson
Old Possum’s Impractical Doggerel  by Chris O’Carroll
The Ballad of the Naughty Poodle  by B.J Lee
Four Beasties  by Gail White
Bugs, Us: Seven Limericks  by Scot Slaby
The Nile  by Emily Burns
Bad Catitudes: Haiku  by Joan Pond
In My House We Swallow Canaries  by Mary Cresswell