Web Feet
{A Bumbershoot Special Feature}

Chris O’Carroll,

is a writer and an actor.

In addition to his previous appearances in Umbrella publications, he has published poems in 14 by 14, The Spectator, and other print and online journals.

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Online Ode

Sing, Muse, of far-flung treasures close at hand,
A world of learning just mouse-clicks away,
Archives, e.g., wherein Web surfers may
Peruse hot, naked teens of every land.

Sing of rich widows and dictators’ heirs
Whose swag yearns to escape from foreign banks,
Who pledge, if we assist, to give such thanks
That we will join their ranks as millionaires.

Sing of the pundits in the blogosphere,
Exemplars of a perspicacity
That transcends trivial veracity,
Holding fact cheap and fierce opinion dear.

Sing of the myriad self-reinventions
In chat rooms and on social network sites
Where new personae spread their wings for flights
Of fancy fueled by plain, impure intentions.