Web Feet
{A Bumbershoot Special Feature}

Anna Evans

gained her MFA from Bennington College, and is the editor of the Raintown Review.

Among her poetry credits are Harvard Review, Atlanta Review, Rattle, and 32 Poems.

Her chapbooks Swimming and Selected Sonnets are available from Maverick Duck Press.

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On the New Media

Although I am an older female,
Ive had no problems getting email,
and being handy with a lace hook
has not excluded me from Facebook.

I will confess it was a slog,
but Ive learned how to keep a blog,
accepted vinyl had to go,
and work my iPod like a pro.

I try not to get over-vexed
by grammar on IM or text.
But heres the thing that has me beat:
Im past it now unless I tweet!