Children’s Verse
{A Bumbershoot Special Feature}

Stephani Schaefer

is a poet and graphic artist with work in Brevities, Song of the San Joaquin, Lilliput Review and EDGZ, among others.

She was co-editor and provided cover art for the anthology The Heart’s Content and is gathering material for a new anthology to be published by Lost Hills Books.

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The Dreadful Galorkum

The dreadful galorkum has eight stinky feet.
They’re smelly in winter, but boy, in the heat
of summer, believe me, you don’t want to meet
the dreadful galorkum with eight stinky feet.

The dreadful galorkum has very bad breath.
He eats lots of mints, but take it on faith,
it doesn’t help any. You’ll feel just like death
if you get in the way of his terrible breath.

The dreadful galorkum has boils on his nose.
This does rather spoil his looks I suppose.
He’s really a sad sort of fellow, you know
the dreadful galorkum with boils on his nose.

Now I would feel bad for this fellow, if he
were avoided by all and had no company.
But I saw him courting, right here on my street,
a lady galorkum with eight stinky feet.