Umbrella’s lighter offshoot

Caleb Powell

has lived and worked in Argentina, Brazil, Denmark, Guam, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and The United Arab Emirates, and has authored The World is a Class, published in Canada by Good Cheer.

His publication credits include The Baltimore Review, descant, The Texas Review, and Zyzzyva.

He also writes reviews and interviews for The Rumpus and The Quarterly Conversation.

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Cruciferous “If they passed a law banning broccoli, nobody would utter a peep, except for farmers whose livelihood depends on broccoli.”Jeffrey Steingarten

What a word.
Can anything be done?

My wife and I have a cruciferous relationship:
kale, mizuna, cauliflower, rutabaga, daikon, yuk!
She shoves cruciferae in my face
broccoli spears smothered in evilicious Dijon.

Can we recover?!
Cauliflower? Bok choy? Jesus Cruciferied!
She says, “Asparagus!”

Asparagus? An angiosperm?
Get that string of wolverine feces
away from my mouth hole!