Umbrella’s lighter offshoot

J.D. Smith

was awarded a 2007 Fellowship in Poetry from the National Endowment for the Arts.

He has published two collections of poetry, The Hypothetical Landscape (Quarterly Review of Literature Poetry Series, 1999) and Settling for Beauty (Cherry Grove Collections, 2005).

His first children’s book, The Best Mariachi in the World, was published in bilingual, Spanish and English editions in 2008 by Raven Tree Press and Texas Review Press publishes his first collection of essays, Dowsing and Science, in 2010.

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Washington Memoir

Now the truth can be toldit’s about me.
Since my birth, all who’ve known me would tout me.

The top firms all needed to scout me.
One man put opponents to rout: me.

At Vail, who caught the most trout? Me.
(Here’s a picture at prayer of devout me.)

Wealth foundwith prestige and cloutme,
Whose counsel was always sought out. (Me?)

Only fools, knaves and cynics would doubt me.
No wonder I can’t help but shout: ME!