A Poetry Syllabus
{An Umbrella Special Feature}

Lois Marie Harrod’s

chapbook Furniture won the 2008 Grayson Press Poetry Prize.

Previous publications include the chapbook Firmament (2007); the chapbook Put Your Sorry Side Out (2005); Spelling the World Backward (2000); the chapbook This Is a Story You Already Know (1999); Part of the Deeper Sea (1997); the chapbook Green Snake Riding (l994), Crazy Alice (Belle Mead Press, l991); and Every Twinge a Verdict (Belle Mead Press, l987).

She won her third poetry fellowship from the New Jersey Council on the Arts in 2003. Among her journal credits are American Poetry Review, Blueline, The MacGuffin, Salt, and Zone 3.

She teaches Creative Writing at The College of New Jersey.

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Homer Holds Down a Job in the Bureau of Blind Statistics

The number of areas in Asia Minor graded by the Trojan Society of Civil Engineers: 15.
Graded as in a road, not as in The Lyceum: 0.
Average grade: Delta.
Estimated amount to maintain the Trojan sewer system: 3 drachmas.
Estimated amount to maintain the Greek sewer system outside Troy: time and the tide.
Estimated amount to maintain Minoan sewer system before the collapse of Crete: 67 million drachmas.
How much Jason paid for the Argo: $167 a month.
What 72 Malapropian sixth graders wanted to know in 1967: How did Argonauts go to the bathroom?
What 72 misguided sixth grade teachers replied: In their space suits.
Ratings for Agamemnon in 1067 and Priam in 1068 BC: 67, 68.
Chance that a General who left one of the top Greek armies was forced out: 1 in 8.
How many times was Achilles seized by road rage before he was shot in the heel: 2,067.
Was he a heel: yes.