A Journal of Poetry and Kindred Prose

Felice Aull

recently retired from teaching medical students at NYU School of Medicine where she originally worked in the field of physiology.

Later she became interested in medical humanities and used poetry and fiction with medical students to consider the illness experience. She founded a web resource for such teaching, The Literature, Arts, and Medicine Database in 1993 and began writing poetry in 2001.

One of her poems was a finalist for the Margie 2007 Editor’s Prize Best Poem and was published in the December 2008 issue of Margie. Other poems were published in Poet Lore, Ekphrasis, Facets, and elsewhere.

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Forget That

Forget that you forgot
your former student’s name today.
Forget you didn’t recognize her face
until she said her name and
named the class she took with you.
Forget that yesterday
you told a different student
you knew her mentor years ago
thinking that the mentor
was the student
whose face you didn’t recognize
whose name you didn’t know.
Forget that yesterday
you made a special point
to ask that student to remember you
to her mentor-your-presumptive-former-student
whom you almost certainly
have never met and do not know.
Forget that someday
you won’t remind yourself
to forget.